E-Commerce Exchange Zone

The Grapevine Police Department has implemented an
“E-Commerce Exchange Zone” for the purpose of E-Commerceproviding a safer alternative for the exchange of goods purchased over the internet. The E-Commerce Exchange Zone will be designated in the front parking lot of the Grapevine Public Safety Building Municipal Courts, located at 1027 Ira E. Woods.

The Grapevine Police Department suggests the following best practices for anyone conducting E-Commerce transactions: 

• Be very suspicious of a buyer or seller who changes the agreed upon location;
• Always meet the buyer or seller in a public place and with plenty of people around;
• Avoid meeting on side streets or places that are not well lit;
• Always take someone with you and inform the buyer / seller that you will not be alone;
• Strongly consider conducting transactions in E-Commerce Exchange Zones;
• Trust your instincts – if it sounds like a scam it probably is; and
• Complete the transaction during daylight hours.

The Grapevine Police Department encourages citizens to consider safer options, such as the E-Commerce Exchange Zone.  For more information about the E-Commerce Exchange Zone, please contact the Grapevine Police Department at 817.410.3206.