Game Design and Programming

The Grapevine Public Library offers programming that teaches skills in computer science, game design, and graphic design! Be sure to check the library calendar for our current offerings.

Whether you are an elementary school student or an adult working full-time, knowledge of computer science is a vital skill in our modern day. Skills in programming and design can offer you opportunities for new jobs and careers, as well as a new way to express yourself and your ideas.

Game design itself is a unique way to introduce many concepts in computer science, critical thinking, and mathematics in ways that are fun and engaging for many people. The programs featured below are great ways to get yourself started in learning programming.

RESOURCES (Programming and Game Design):
  • Scratch (K-6th Grade recommended)
    • Developed by MIT, Scratch is a popular software used to teach programming to elementary school students. Using pictures, students can create simple programs and develop an understanding of computer science.
  • Game Maker (3rd grade and up, great for adults too)
    • One of the most popular game making tools, Game Maker uses a visual drag and drop system of programming instead of traditional coding.
  • Unity3D (middle school and up)
    • Used by many professionals and taught at colleges, Unity3D is a game engine that allows you to make games for nearly any platform, whether you're making a computer game or mobile game. It uses programming so you'll need to understand some basic C# or Javascript, but there's a lot of documentation on their website to teach you.