Grapevine Housing Authority

The Waiting List is closed.  Applications are no longer being accepted. 

The 2022 waiting list received over 4000 applications which will result in a multi-year (estimated 3 - 5+ year) wait for housing. Please do NOT call the office to ask for your place in line as we are unable to determine that at this time.  We will reach out to you when you come to the top of the list.   

If you are currently on the waiting list, you may check on the status of your application at     It is your responsibility to notify the Grapevine Housing Authority (GHA) by email (  or mail when your circumstances, mailing address or phone number change.  Grapevine Housing Authority will reach out when the applicant gets toward the top of the waiting list.    If GHA cannot reach you, you may be dropped from the waiting list.
Effective January 1, 2016, we no longer administer the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. 

What is Public Housing?

The Grapevine Housing Authority administers the HUD Public Housing program and operates 98 units. The rent on is based on approximately 30 percent of the household income or a Flat Rent (resident’s choice). Public Housing units are furnished with a stove, refrigerator, and central heating and air.

Grapevine Housing Authority operates smoke-free units. Most units have new vinyl flooring, cabinets and counter tops. The Housing Authority receives a subsidy from HUD to assist with the management and maintenance of the units.

Grapevine Housing Authority owns 98 units located on five streets.
  • Starr Place has 20 elderly and disabled units consisting of 10 efficiencies, eight one-bedroom, one handicap one-bedroom, and one two-bedroom.
  • W. Texas Street has 19 elderly and disabled units consisting of eight efficiencies, 10 one-bedroom, and one handicap two-bedroom units.
  • Starnes / Brewer has nine family units consisting of six two-bedroom and one handicap two-bedroom located on N. Starnes, and two three-bedroom units located on Brewer.
  • S. Scribner has 10 family units consisting of eight two-bedroom and two three-bedroom units.
  • W. Worth has 40 elderly and disabled units consisting of 37 one-bedroom and three handicap one-bedroom units.