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Pet Laws
This is a synopsis of the Grapevine Animal Control Laws that apply to all pet owners. For more information on these and other animal control laws, please contact Animal Services.

Reasons for the Laws
Animal Services, a division of the Police Department, exists to help protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. Each year, children and adults in Grapevine are bitten by animals. In addition to the obvious pain and health problems associated with the bite itself, there is also a very real possibility of rabies infection.

Each year, Animal Services picks up over one thousand animals running loose. These animals pose health problems. They knock over garbage cans and sometimes eat contaminated or poisoned food. They leave their droppings in other people's yards and on public property. They breed uncontrollably which increases the animal population problem. They run out in front of vehicles making accidents more likely. They contract various diseases which can be transmitted to other animals and people.