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Welcome building owners, developers, builders and contractors to the City of Grapevine. Below is a list of documents or information that may assist you in completing your project or development. However, should you have questions after reading, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Construction Checklist
Use this checklist to help you with your project. 
Pre-Construction Checklist Form

  • After hours inspection services - $45 per hour with a minimum charge of $90
  • Third Party Fire Systems Plan Reviews are charged by the third party.  See the checklist above for approved 3rd party reviewers.   
    • Cost depends on service

Fire Protection Systems Submittals 
  • Fire protection & alarm systems require plan review by a third-party reviewer. 
  • Submit your plans to the third-party reviewer
    • See the construction checklist above
  • Upon receipt of those documents in the proper format and if reviewed acceptable, a permit from the Grapevine Fire Department will be issued.
  • You will be notified upon your permit being ready. 
  • Pre-engineered type suppression system: Submit Plans direct to the Fire Department

  • Call 817.410.4400 to request inspections 
  • Fire protection and alarm systems require inspection and tests 
  • Final or Certificate of Occupancy inspections are required prior to moving in

Permits (GFD does not currently charge for permits) 
  • A permit is required to install or modify systems and equipment of:
    • Fire protection and alarm systems
    • Flammable and combustible liquids systems / tanks
    • Hazardous materials
    • High-piled storage
    • Tents and membrane structures erection and use 
  • Application for a permit is attained on line  or via calling the Grapevine FD

  • Plans and documents that require a permit as noted above shall be submitted in PDF image form. 
  • Plan PDF images submitted that require a third-party review must be stamped by the reviewer and the and the PDF reflect the reviewed stamp prior to the permit being issued. 
  • Reviewed paper plans shall be kept on the job site along with the permit until final inspection or test. 
  • Plans and documents for the architectural, site, MEP, and civil plans are submitted directly to the Building Department for the City of Grapevine. 
  • Review comments by the FD for general building development will be available to the submitters through the City plan review process.

Current Adopted Fire Code 
  • 2015 International Fire Code with local amendments
  • Please click Fire Code Amendments to see our local amendments