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Shelter In Place
During emergencies and disasters involving hazardous materials releases or spills, it may be necessary to shelter-in-place in your home or business. Placing a barrier between yourself and contaminated air may be the only options as going outside or attempting to evacuate could expose you or your loved ones to hazardous conditions. If you see debris or if officials indicate that the air is badly contaminated, it may be necessary to seal the room you are sheltering in.

Picture of sealed room Some tips for sheltering in place:

• Keep duct tape, plastic sheeting, scissors and towels in your Emergency Supply Kit.

• Know where manual vents or central air system are located and how to close vents or shut the air system off.

• Bring your family and pets indoors.

• Move your Emergency Supply Kit into an interior room.

• Lock doors, close windows, air vents, and fireplace dampers.
• Seal all windows, doors and air vents with plastic sheeting and duct tape.

• Monitor radio, television, internet or preferred communication channels for official news and instructions as they become available.

• When you are told the area is safe, open windows and turn on air systems to rid your home of contaminated air that may have seeped in.