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Evacuation of your home or business may be necessary during certain emergency and disaster situations. When it becomes necessary to evacuate, local officials in Grapevine will provide timely information regarding evacuation to residents and businesses. Evacuations may be required immediately, or you may have a bit of time to prepare for evacuation. Regardless, it is important to have emergency supplies and a disaster plan in place.
Some important tips to consider before and during an evacuation:
• Plan how you will assemble your family and where you will meet. Picture of cars evacuating
• Keep your gas tank halfway full. This allows you to travel a good distance away from the disaster area before having to refuel.
• If you do not own a car, make arrangements with family or friends for transportation.
• Familiarize yourself with alternate routes out of your area.
• Do not drive into areas with flooded or washed out roads.
• Stay away from downed power lines.
• Take your Emergency Supply Kit with you.
• Wear durable shoes and clothing that provides some protection.
• Remember to take your pets with you.
• Lock doors behind you and windows behind you.
• Let others know where you are going.

Texas State Government code, Chapter 418, Section 185 outlines mandatory evacuation processes. Under this law individuals are required to leave a disaster stricken or threatened area after a mandatory evacuation is issued by the governor, county judge, or municipal mayor.