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Hazardous Materials
Hazardous materials come in the form of explosives, flammable and combustible substances, poisons, and radioactive materials. A hazardous materials incident involves a substance that has escaped normal, safe containment in sufficient concentration to pose a threat to life, property, or the environment. Hazardous materials releases often are the result of transportation accidents or because of chemical accidents in plants or facilities.

Hazardous materials in various forms can cause fatalities, serious injury, and damage to buildings, homes, and other property. Specialized equipment is often required to handle or dispose of hazardous materials safely. Hazardous Materials clean-upHazardous materials incidents vary in their intensity, size, and duration. Most incidents are small in scope and only require a limited response. Occasionally there will be a large incident or one involving a chemical that requires evacuation of the surrounding area.

The Tarrant County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is the organization responsible for the development and implementation of hazardous materials planning within the County. The Tarrant County LEPC is charged with ensuring that residents and workers in Tarrant County are aware and informed of their right to know what chemicals are being stored, used, released, and discarded. The LEPC is also responsible for facilitating public requests for such information, as required by law.

Contact your LEPC to learn more about the chemical hazards and what needs to be done to minimize the risk to individuals and the community from these materials.