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Emergency Response

Emergency and disaster events require a coordinated response. The Office of Emergency Management works to ensure information collection, decision making, and resource allocations are carried out in the most efficient way possible. There are a variety of components that contribute to the overall emergency and disaster response for the City of Grapevine. Below are a few of the ways that the Office of Emergency Management responds to emergency and disaster events:

Incident monitoring

The Office of Emergency Management monitors incidents affecting the City of Grapevine. The Emergency Management Coordinator monitors radio frequencies used by emergency responders, local and national news, weather conditions and other forms of communication to stay abreast of what is occurring both locally and regionally. Additionally, the Emergency Management Coordinator maintains communications with local, state, and federal agencies to notify city officials when issues of concern arise.

Emergency Operations Center

During large scale emergencies, disaster events, and in support of special events the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) may be activated to provide support. The EOC provides space for representatives from various city departments, partner agencies and private and non-profit entities. The EOC functions as a central clearinghouse for information coordination, resource requests and decision making. 

Recovery Operations
Following a disaster, the Office of Emergency Management collaborates with government agencies and non-profit organizations to provide assistance to disaster victims. The Office of Emergency Management also works with other city departments to coordinate relief efforts, donations management, and spontaneous volunteers.