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Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance
Table of Contents
Section 1-10.  Interest, Purpose and Methods

Section 11.  Catchlines

Section 12.  Definitions

Section 13.  R-20  Single Family Residential

Section 14.  R-12.5  Single Family Residential

Section 15.  R-7.5  Single Family Residential

Section 16.  R-5.0  Zero Lot Line District

Section 17.  R-3.5  Two-Family District

Section 18.  R-3.75  Three-and Four Family District

Section 19.  R-MH  Manufactured Home District

Section 20.  R-TH  Townhouse District

Section 21.  Reserved

Section 22.  R-MF  Multi-family District

Section 22A.  R-MODH  Modular Home District

Section 23.  LB  Limited Business District

Section 23A.  GV  Grapevine Vintage District

Section 24.  CN  Neighborhood Commercial District

Section 25.  CC  Community Commercial District

Section 26.  HC  Highway Commercial District

Section 27.  PO  Professional Office District

Section 28.  CBD Central Business District
Section 28A.  HGT  Historic Grapevine Township District
Section 29.  HCO  Hotel Corporate Office District
Section 30.  RA  Recreation/Amusement District
Section 31.  LI  Light Industrial District
Section 32.  BP  Business Park District
Section 33.  Reserved
Section 34.  PRD-6  Planned Residential Low Density District
Section 35.  PRD-12  Planned Residential Medium Density District
Section 36.  PCD  Planned Commerce Development
Section 37.  PID  Planned Industrial Development
Section 38.  GU  Governmental Use District
Section 39.  HL  Historic Landmark Subdistrict
Section 40.  Reserved
Section 41. Planned Development Overlay
Section 41A. Entertainment and Attraction Overlay  
Section 42.  Supplementary District
Section 43.  Nonconforming Uses and Structures
Section 44.  Reserved
Section 45.  Concept Plans
Section 46.  Approval of Master Development Plans
Section 47.  Site Plan Review
Section 48.  Conditional Uses
Section 49.  Special Uses
Section 50.  Screening and Fencing
Section 51.  Requirements for Open Space and Recreational Areas
Section 52.  Tree Preservation
Section 53.  Landscaping Regulations
Section 54.  Masonry Requirements
Section 55.  Performance Standards
Section 56.  Off-Street Parking Requirements
Section 57.  Off-Street Loading Requirements
Section 58.  Parking-Loading Area Development Standards
Section 59.  Reserved
Section 60.  Sign Standards
Section 61.  Administration and Enforcement
Section 62.  Reserved
Section 63.  Reserved
Section 64.  Certificate of Occupancy and Compliance
Section 65.  Reserved
Section 66.  Reserved
Section 67.  Amendments
Section 68.  Board of Adjustment
Section 69.  Determination of Vested Rights
Section 70.  Penalty
Section 71.  Reserved
Section 72.  Reserved
Section 73.  Savings Clause
Section 74.  Existing Zoning Regulation Designation and Changes
Section 75.  Ordinances Not Repealed
Section 76.  Exceptions and Exemptions Not Required to be Negated
Section 77.  Emergency
Section 78.  Division Two - BYLAWS