Posted on: May 31, 2017

Grapevine Fire Department Kicks-Off Loan a Life Jacket Program


Families are swimming more safely at Grapevine Lake thanks to a pair of Loan a Life Jacket stations that the Grapevine Fire Department has put in place.  In efforts to prevent drowning incidents, the Grapevine Fire Department in partnership with Grapevine Parks & Recreation (who constructed the life jacket trees) have rolled out the Loan a Life Jacket Program.  This program encourages Grapevine Lake visitors to borrow a life jacket from one of the two current life jacket trees that have been put in place at Lakeview Park and Oak Grove Park.  All life jackets are to be worn while near or in the water and returned prior to leaving Grapevine Lake.  The Fire Department put the stations in place to honor the memory of James McKenzie, a Grapevine firefighter/paramedic and rescue diver who drowned at Grapevine Lake last summer while off duty.  With two life jacket trees in place, four additional trees will be placed at various locations around Grapevine Lake this summer.  BORROW. SURVIVE. RETURN.

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