Environmental Services

  1. 2017 Environmental Services Calendar

    View a full calendar of Environmental Services tips and events.

  2. Air Quality

  3. Education & Outreach

    Learn about taking steps toward being Green.

  4. Events

    Participate in recycle and reuse events.

  5. Hazardous Materials

    Learn about disposing of hazardous materials.

  6. Pretreatment of Wastewater

    Find information about the pretreatment of wastewater here in Grapevine.

  7. Recycling

    Find information about garbage and recycling services in Grapevine.

  1. Solid Waste (Trash & Garbage)

    Information about residential and commercial Trash & Garbage services in the City

  2. Stormwater & Watershed Quality Management

    Read information about our stormwater and watershed management.

  3. Sustainability

    Explore our efforts toward sustainability.

  4. Water Quality Assurance & Control

    Access information about the technical side of water quality.

  5. West Nile Virus

  6. Water Conservation