Public Hearing

The Grapevine City Council will hold a public hearing on July 17 to hear Citizen input on the staff-proposed projects listed below.  Approval of these projects will not result in a tax rate increase.  

DATE: July 17, 2017
TIME: 6:30pm (Doors open at 6pm)
LOCATION: Grapevine Convention Center

The meeting will be streamed live at    

In an effort to promote a fair and open process for the administration of the public hearing, please adhere to the Public Hearing Guidelines.  

A speaker who represents twenty other citizens may speak for four minutes by completing the Representative Speaker form and attaching it to the Citizen Comment form that will be available at the meeting.  

Animal Shelter (Renovation/Expansion) $3,858,507
Relocate/Replace Firehouse #2 $7,988,767
Relocate/Replace Firehouse #3 $7,929,971
Heritage Ave. Mustang Rd. to SH 26 (Extension) $5,309,470
Heritage Ave. Bridge Connection $8,109,265
Euless Grapevine Rd. SH 360 to Glade (Capacity Expansion) $1,177,760
Dove Road Raising (Above Spillway Elevation) $5,000,000
Grapevine Golf Course Clubhouse & Concourse Reconstruction $4,755,206

Citizens are invited to attend the Public Hearing to be held on July 17, 2017 to make comments on any of the proposed bond projects.  If you prefer, you can submit your comments in writing by using this form or by emailing the City Secretary's Office or submitting comments in person to the City Secretary's Office in City Hall at 200 South Main Street. 

If you plan to attend this public meeting and you have a disability that requires special arrangements at the meeting, please contact the City Secretary’s Office at 817.410.3182 at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.  Reasonable accommodations will be made to assist your needs.