Duties & Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities

The Risk Management Division's mission is to minimize the potential for losses of the City's human, financial, and physical assets and the impact losses have on the City's personnel and citizens. Risk Management seeks to preserve resources, protect assets, and meet the needs of the City and community. 

The division identifies and evaluates the exposure to loss and designs and administers programs to prevent, reduce potential for, control, or provide for financing of losses. 


The Risk Management Division maintains and reports on all City insurance to include management of the SIR General Liability Protection Plan for third party liability claims, Public Officials', and Law Enforcement Liability as well as workers' compensation, medical, and disability claims. 

This division also manages the Self-Insured Major Medical Health Program for all employees and dependents. Both programs involve safety and loss control and a Citywide wellness program. 


This division reviews all contractual agreements, writes all insurance specifications for third-party contracts with vendors and contractors within the City, as well as coordinates all litigation and legal services with the City Attorney's Office and excess insurance carriers' legal departments.